Monday, July 8, 2013

25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me!

Hello, everyone! I have been viewing and reading the "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" tags on YouTube and favorite beauty bloggers' sites, and I decided to do my own.

So, here are 25 not-so-secret secrets about yours truly.

  1. I once made a boy cry in 1st grade. Remember those geometrical blocks we all used to play with in elementary school? They were stored in buckets/tubs and were perfect for making flowers. Well, one rainy day, we had inside recess, and I had made some pretty stellar geometric blossoms. I had walked away for a little while, and when I returned to my flowers, a male classmate was playing with the blocks. I remember fussing at him and then seeing the tears flow. I'm a terrible person.
  2. I had braces twice. I received my top braces when I was in 7th grade, and I received my bottom set when I was in 8th grade. In 10th grade around September, I had them taken off. I was ecstatic! Well, after a few months, I went to my orthodontist to have a follow-up check-up. He noticed slight spacing between some teeth, and in January, I had braces put back on my top teeth. They were finally removed again in January of my junior year!
  3. I used to narrate my video games as I played them when I was a kid. I distinctly remember coming up with my own stories while playing the Donkey Kong County series and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. My mom was highly amused.
  4. My first rated R movie was Resident Evil in 2002. I was 13 and highly disappointed by the lack of integrity to the game series.
  5. My sisters and I used to have three hamsters, all named by my youngest sister, Anne: Schoochie (she "schooched" around), Sunflower (black and white fella), and Ligeia (given to me by my friend Emily and previously named). Schoochie was our first one, and she liked to urinate on the walls before we moved her to an outdoor shelf. We played with her inside, though.
  6. I had/still have a paper dollhouse. It's a long book that opens up into a house, and everything is turn-of-the-20th century/Victorian style. I love it!
  7. I have double piercings in both of my lobes. I used to have a cartilage piercing in my left ear, but it became infected. 
  8. I considered pharmacology as my major while I was in my biology classes in high school. I chose to take the honors classes, which covered more material than the regular classes. I took Anatomy & Physiology my senior year, and I LOVED studying about diseases. I stuck with English, though, due to my love of the written word and distaste for math.
  9. My first real concert was The Police for their reunion tour in 2007. My dad and I attended it together, and I felt like I was in Heaven. Something about Sting, you guys.
  10. I wrote to Nintendo with ideas when I was in elementary school. I wish I could remember where I placed their reply letters! Two of them were generic and business-like, but one (a reply to my suggestion that the new-at-the-time Game Boy Advance port Super Nintendo Games) received an enthusiastic letter from a sweet lady who said it was a great idea and that several titles were already being ported.
  11. I didn't wear mascara for a while. I stuck to powder, blush, and eye shadow (sometimes a lip product), but I didn't see the necessity in emphasizing my lashes. I was about 11 or 12.
  12. I attended a writers' conference my sophomore year of high school in 2005, and I met author J. C. Wilder. I was interested in her book The Shadow Dwellers and bought an autographed copy. I understood it to be a romance, so I thought my mom might like to check it out after I was done. Follow the link to see why I decided to keep it to myself.
  13. I hate cucumbers and tomatoes, but I love pickles and ketchup. Not together!
  14. My first trip to Disney World was when I was 15 and in 9th grade. My high school band marched in a parade there!
  15. When I was a little kid, I adored Rugrats. When I saw the Hanukkah episode, I thought my family--which is Roman Catholic--could celebrate the holiday as well. My dad explained to me that we weren't Jewish and that we celebrated Christmas instead. "But aren't we Polish?" I argued. "Doesn't that mean we can have Hanukkah?" "No, Celeste, we aren't Jewish." I bawled my eyes out that night.
  16. My favorite snowball flavor is buttered popcorn, but the only snowball stand that serves it stopped offering it a few years ago. :(
  17. I hate driving. If I had a chauffeur, I'd be that much closer to paradise. I'd love my own red Beetle, though (the rounder models). I'd put eye lashes on it.
  18. I've never been fishing or hunting. Yeah, I'm from the South, but my dad doesn't partake in either. Nothing ethical or anything; just not his thing.
  19. I have no interest in sports, save the Olympics and tennis.
  20. I ran track in 9th grade (100-meter dash). I do did like running.
  21. My ideal bedtime would be between midnight and 2 AM, but a 7:30-4:30 workday prevents me from staying up that late.
  22. I used to collect gemstones and rocks from The Discovery Store. I still have some!
  23. I'm named after my mom's younger sister who was five days old when she passed away (Celeste Mary).
  24. My favorite historical family is the Romanovs. 
  25. I have a stomach disorder: mild IBS. Food is unpredictable; sometimes a certain dish will upset my stomach, while other times it won't. I find my nerves trigger problems the most.
What secrets do you want to share?

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