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Hi there! My name is Celeste. I'm a 20-something living in southern Louisiana. I love reading, writing, playing video games, shopping, playing with my pets, and hanging out with my family and friends.

I work as a technical writer for a local company, and before that, I was teaching English in Japan (You can read about my adventures here!). I also freelance for What Now Magazine, a free local magazine that informs readers about monthly events like concerts, festivals, fundraisers, races, and conferences.

I created this blog to share one of my passions: cosmetics. I have no formal training as a makeup artist, nor do I consider myself one. I am just a girl who loves trying new makeup products and sharing my opinions and results. 

So, why is this blog called "Pretty Panda"? I love pandas, and I love beauty products. It's really that simple!

I like to hide my imperfections (the problems I decide inhibit my face from looking its best) because a fresh, made-up face is what makes me feel confident. I also have fun playing with products and seeing whether they live up their promises. I can't paint or draw well, so my face is like my canvas.

Anyhoo, as we all know, cosmetics have been around for quite some time. All of us have complained about outer, physical cosmetic issues, and now an impressive number of beauty products are readily available to us. We can choose to use them or to ignore them; it's up to each of us. However, as cheesy as this sounds, true beauty cannot be created with makeup; no amount can make you feel beautiful if you are not comfortable with yourself. Don't compare yourself to others--instead, celebrate what makes you you!

Please share your opinions on beauty products and offer your own tips and advice. I welcome constructive criticism; however, any demeaning comments towards a reader or myself will be deleted. Just be nice, okay? :)

I hope you enjoy Pretty Panda as much as I enjoy creating it!

Ueno Zoo, Japan

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