My Beauty Profile

Here I am without makeup or hair products anywhere in sight so that you can see who I really am!

I'm a wizard! I love this fluffy robe. <3


Skin Type: Combination (slightly oily on my nose, chin, and forehead but often dry and flaky on my cheeks)

Skin Tone: Fair/Light

Skin Woes: Acne scars from teenage years, occasional breakouts along jawline and on chin, some redness

Unique Features: Freckles, beauty marks 

Face Shape: Heart/oval (what's yours?)


Eye Color: Brown

Eye shape: Wide-set (what's yours?)

Lash Type: Naturally curled and black

Unique Eye Features: Contacts or glasses

Eye Woes: Dark circles underneath my eyes


Lip Shape: Full bottom lip, thin upper lip

Lip Woes: Dryness, flakiness


Nose Type: Long/The Mirren (what's yours?)


Hair Type: Curly (ringlet-like curls), thin

Hair Length: Medium/shoulder-length

Hair Color: Black/blackish brown

Hair Woes: Frizz, frizz, frizz!

*I also want to mention that I have a latex allergy; therefore, I have never used false eye lashes due to the glue/adhesive's latex content.

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