Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Balm TimeBalm Blueberry Face Treatment Mask Review

Wow. August has been insanely busy for me: work, writing, family, friends... just life in general. I am now part of a project for a cause close to my heart, but I'll speak more about that later. :)

I have been wearing makeup and using different beauty products--don't worry about that! In fact, I finally had an opportunity to try my sample of the blueberry face mask that came with my order from The Balm around Mother's Day.

This small packet holds enough product for at least two applications, but I used my sample up in one application. I don't like leaving open packets lying around. It just...grosses me out, I guess.

Prepare for a schmexy face!

Fierce right here.

Anyhoo, what surprised me most about the mask is that it doesn't have a blueberry fragrance. No pros or cons to that (if you have sensitive skin, I am sure that works out in your favor).

I left my mask on for way longer than the suggested 15-20 minutes. You see, I got side-tracked with a video game or a book (can't recall) and my cats. =^_^=

After I wiped off the mask with a warm, damp washcloth, my skin felt smoother and softer. I had no irritation, no redness, no itchiness--nothing negative!

Here's what the Website has to say:

"Blueberry Face Treatment Mask works to tighten and renew your skin with a combination of botanical extracts known to clarify your complexion and combat visible signs of environmental stress, while Glycerine and Aloe leave the skin fully hydrated and soothed.
How to Use:
Apply to cleansed skin up to two times a week.
All of our skincare is:
Paraben-free, Synthetic Dye-free, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free & Made in the USA."
*It's recommended for normal to dry skin.*

Should You Try It: If you like trying new facial products, go for it. It's a bit pricey, though, for just a little over 2 ounces. I imagine you could find comparable face masks at the drugstore or at Ulta.
What: The Balm TimeBalm Blueberry Face Treatment Mask
MSRP: $22 for 2.36 fluid ounces
Pros: Virtually fragrance-free, non-irritating, seems to be suitable for sensitive skin, leaves skin softer and smoother
Cons: Pricey, available online only (as far as I am aware)
Have you ever tried this facial mask? What is your favorite beauty mask of all time? Let me know!

Pretty Panda's Ponderings
  • IBS strikes again! (TMI, I'm sorry...)
  • Mechacon is THIS WEEKEND!!!! 
  • Muffin and Katsuke like to play together, but Katsuke doesn't understand just how fragile little Muffin is. We have to make sure to watch them while they play.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Save Your Lips in the Summer!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it normal to be this excited for a day of the week? I just love returning home after work, changing into something more comfortable than I what I wear to the office, and doing whatever tickles my fancy. 

I've been enduring some brutal heat here in southern LA, and along with the on-again/off-again rain, the outdoors often feels like a rain forest. Humidity, thou art a heartless wench!

One of my beauty woes is dry, constantly chapped lips. I always always always apply lip balm at night to allow my lips to heal and soften while I snooze, and I put some on before I apply my lipstick and/or lip gloss during the day.

I have a few favorites, but one that I am currently using and liking because of its texture, color, and SPF content is Neutrogena's Revitalizing Lip Balm with SPF 20.

I found it at Wal-Mart in May, and I have been wearing it almost every day (usually underneath another lip product). I own the shade Soft Caramel, a sheer, slightly pigmented neutral.

Who "nose" me best? Hahahahahaha--sorry...

If you wear lip balm (you really should so your lips are protected from the sun's rays), then you would like this one. There isn't a noticeable fragrance (really none at all to me), and I haven't experienced any side effects or irritation from this balm.

I like the slight shimmer it gives my lips, like a natural "lip glow." I sometimes wear just Soft Caramel and nothing else on top of it.

Neutrogena's site gives it a price of $8.99, but you can buy it at Wal-Mart for cheaper (the site lists it at $6.97).

My lips are doing well and feel safe whenever I am out and about, so this lip balm is worth a shot!

What lip balms do you like? Let me know!

Pretty Panda's Ponderings

  • Muffin, the little kitten we're fostering until my sister's friend comes to pick her up next week, loves to eat a slice of turkey for breakfast and dinner. Anytime, really. She's probably only two or three weeks old, so harder food is difficult for her to chew.
  • I recently discovered Lipgloss Leslie on YouTube while I was looking for tutorials on Wet N Wild's Three's a Party eye shadow trio. I think she's pretty adorable! I love her tutorial with those shades, too.
  • Brett is working this weekend. :( I hope we can grab supper or something when he gets off.