Monday, June 24, 2013

Wet N Wild's Fergie Take on the Day Eye Primer Review

Eye primer is something I wish I had known about in high school. (Maybe it wasn't even around when I was in high school?)

Marching band and band camp in the hot summer meant sweat, football games on humid Friday evenings, and messy hair under a marching hat (plume and all, y'all). I didn't over-do my makeup on festival days or for football games, but some mascara and eyeliner were typical. By the end of the night, I looked like I had been hanging out with Beetlejuice (if only!).

Playing that piccolo at a football game. Pep band only, so I didn't have my uniform on.

Many eye primers are expensive and available only at high-end retailers. Imagine my joy at discovering that Wet N Wild has an eye primer! I found it at Walgreen's for only $4.99, and a little of it goes a loooong way.

This liquid eyeliner blends in well with my skin tone. I am fair, so I am not sure how it looks on darker skin tones. I imagine it is sheer.

Be careful not to squeeze the tube too hard--a little pressure is all you need! Otherwise, you'll waste valuable primer!

This primer does not irritate my eyes at all, either!

The true test: how well does my eye shadow last?

Let's see!

 Morning (BH Cosmetics 88 Color Matte Palette)

 Late afternoon

Morning (BH Cosmetics 88 Color Matte Palette & Tarte purple liner) 

Late afternoon

Sorry for the tired-looking "late afternoon" pictures!

Overall, my shadow is almost as vibrant as in the morning, and I had no creasing. That is very important to me, especially since I sometimes go out after work and don't have time to re-apply makeup, especially eye shadow.

Should You Try It: Yes, yes! It really works!

What: Wet N Wild Fergie Take on the Day Eye Primer

MSRP: $4.99 at Walgreen's

Pros: Keeps eye shadow crease-free and pretty vibrant throughout the day

Cons: I honestly don't think it has any!

Have you used this primer yet? What is your favorite eye primer? Let me know!

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