Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can It Survive 9 to 5? 6.25.13

Let's see how my makeup held up after work today! I applied my makeup at 6 AM, and I returned home after 5 PM. I did not reapply any makeup during the day.

Please see My Beauty Profile for extra info on my unique concerns.

Left: Freshly applied makeup / Right: After work around 5 PM

Makeup (in order of application)

Outside factors to consider
  • Weather: Humid, some rain, mostly sunny and warm
  • Environment: Mostly in my office
  • Crying/Sweating: Maybe some sweating
  • Eating/Drinking: Yes, for lunch and some water during the day

Let's give a standing ovation to the Wet N Wild eye primer!!! I reviewed this product yesterday, and a friend asked me today to post an "after work" picture of myself with the Wet N Wild eye shadows.

No creasing at all. My shadows look just as shimmery and fresh as when I applied them this morning. I love the extra "oomph" the Tarte lock & roll cream and shimmer shadows gave my eyes.

Yes, more lip product is needed. Nothing gold can stay, huh? The Tarte LipSurgence is moisturizing and well-pigmented, and my Estee Lauder gloss only enhanced the pink beauty.

As for my face, I find that my tone stayed fairly even throughout the day. I could have used some powder to freshen  up my look. That Mary Kay spray helps out tremendously in these hot summer months!

How was your makeup today? Did it last for a good while?

Pretty Panda's Ponderings
  • I really hope Sephora (or some brand) will release a Megara-inspired makeup collection. She is my favorite Disney girl!
  • Nothing like a stomach ache after dinner, am I right? :/

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