Sunday, June 9, 2013

How I Apply My Face Makeup: Foundation, Concealer, & Powder

It's the end of the weekend (boo, right?). I am pretty excited about this upcoming week, though, because I will interview a local theater's crew on a play that is coming out in July, Nunset Boulevard, for What Now Magazine!

This post is all about my face and how I apply foundation, powder, and concealer. My routine can vary from day-to-day depending on how much time I have to get ready or if I want to try a new trick. 

Step 1: Apply moisturizer to your clean face. Apply one with SPF, or you can apply sunscreen, too.

Naked face with only moisturizer applied.

Step 2: Apply your foundation.

Current Foundation: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Liquid Foundation in Classic Ivory

I use a round latex-free sponge (mine are from Ulta) to dot the foundation on my face. I get four uses out of my sponges by using the front and back sides, bottom and top. 

After dotting my foundation on my face with the round sponge.

Next, I use a round stippling brush (mine is from BH Cosmetics) to blend my foundation well and to create clean, even texture and tone.

After using my round stippling brush to blend in my foundation.

Step 3: Apply concealer. 

My concealer is a creamy, lipstick-shaped one, so I smooth it on my problem spots. I then use my round stippling brush to blend it in.

After applying my concealer and before smoothing it on. I look pretty fierce, right?

Step 4: Apply powder.

I have combination skin, and I find that loose powder covers and sets best for my skin type. I use the included puff to gently powder my face. Sometimes I use a powder brush instead.

My finished face!

If I have time, I like to apply highlighter at the end of my basic routine. That's for another post, though!

I hope this is helpful to you if you're stuck in a rut with your face makeup. What do you do to cover imperfections?

Pretty Panda's Ponderings:
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out today for the 3DS! I don't own a 3DS, so I pre-ordered the special edition bundle pack! I'm picking it up tomorrow after work.
  • I slept so much today. I was just exhausted from last week.
  • I want to see Now You See Me!

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