Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tutorial: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Day Look

Have any of you tried the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette? The colors are beautiful and perfect for any eye color. I love the peach, pink, purple, taupe, and black shades so much; I can use this palette to create a day look that is suitable for work and a night look that is perfect for a date or going out.

Here's an everyday look that you can try with this palette or with similar colors!

Step 1: Gather your brushes.

I used my EcoTools brush set for this look. It's inexpensive and has high-quality brushes.

Step 2: Apply an eye shadow primer to your eyelids and under your brow bone.

I used WetnWild's Fergie Take on the Day primer--cheap but on par or better than higher-end primers!

Step 3: Apply the shade In the Buff (matte white, top row, left) all over your eyelids and under your brow bone.

I used the biggest, fluffiest brush for this.

Step 4: Apply the shade Sugar Walls (shimmery pink, middle row, second shade) to your eyelids.

I used my small flat brush to lightly dab the color on my eyelids.

Step 5: Wet your brush--be careful not to saturate it; gently press out excess water if you need to--and use it in Sugar Walls again. Apply the wet shade to your eyelids.

This method is called foiling and creates a more intense color.

Step 6: Apply the shade Voulez-Vous (matte plum, top row, right) to your outer "V" to add definition and slight smokiness.

I used my angled fluffy brush to help create a "v" and to gently dab on the shadow.

My eye shadow is uneven and a little messy. Gotta fix that!

Step 7: Use a fluffy brush to blend in the shades and sweep away any fall-out. You can also even out your shadow.

To blend shades, gently sweep them into each other where they meet so that they look flawless and natural. Basically, instead of colors just "splatted" on, they'll make a uniform, continuous look!

You can also use a cotton swab to gently brush away any excess shadow or product.

Blended and clean!
Step 8: Apply eyeliner. 

I used Avon's Glimmerstick's eyeliner in blackest black. If you want to smudge the liner, you can use a small brush or even your finger. I applied some liner on my waterline as well.

Step 9: Apply mascara.

I used Rimmel's Volume Flash The Max Mascara in Extreme (or Ultra) Black. I applied it to my top and bottom lashes.

You're all done! Now bat those lashes and enjoy your day!

Approximate time needed for this look: 5-10 minutes

Pretty Panda's Ponderings
  • I haven't had much time to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf because of work and my article for July in What Now, but this weekend will change that!
  • I love Arby's Reuben sandwich! <3

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