Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Can It Survive 9 to 5? 5.29.13

Technically, I work earlier than 9 AM and get off earlier than 5 PM, but then this post's title wouldn't rhyme (and that would be tragic).

I will post a "Beginning of the Day" picture and an "After the Day" picture on some work days to see how my makeup and hair lasted. I did not add any makeup, blot my face with a tissue, or add anything to my hair in the "after" picture; you're going to see me after a long day without any alterations!

Please refer to My Beauty Profile for extra information.

Today, May 29, 2013

Beginning of the Day: 6:50 AM

Makeup (in order of application)
Hair Products (in order of application)
Outside factors to consider

  • Weather: Humid, some rain, mostly sunny and warm
  • Environment: Mostly in my office
  • Crying/Sweating: No
  • Eating/Drinking: Yes, for lunch and some water during the day

End of the Day: 5:00 PM

I look pretty tired, eh? The Mary Kay spray helped me out tremendously; my skin felt fresh at this time, even after a long day at work. My blush seems to have disappeared, causing me to look less lively. My lipstick and lipgloss left this party after lunch, obviously.

Now let's focus on my eyes: creased shadow and vanishing liner. I have owned the Concrete Minerals primer for about two years, and I have been trying to love it--I truly have. My eyelids are slightly oily, though, so that could be a major reason. I have read that not all primers work perfectly for everyone, so maybe someone with drier eyelids would have better results with this primer. 

I do think I would need to powder my face at least once in the afternoon to keep my "fresh" look, and I would also need to reapply my lip products (duh!).

My hair held up surprisingly well despite the humidity. I had extra wisps of frizz at the top of my head at the end of my work day, but a little hairspray or styling cream could have conquered those beasts!

How did your face and hair hold up today?

Pretty Panda's Ponderings

  • I met my mom for lunch today, and we both have leftovers for dinner. Two meals for one price? I'll take it.
  • I swam for over an hour after I took my "after" picture. The water was perfect.

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