Thursday, July 18, 2013

True Blue Spa Blackberry Purifying Peel-Off Face Mask Review

Do you like Bath and Body Works' products? I certainly do--especially during their semi-annual sales. ;)

I picked up a product from True Blue Spa, a face mask, from the clearance bin last month. I love using masks to soften my skin and deep-clean it.

This particular mask is made from blackberries and claims to "purify" your skin.

The things I'll do to keep my skin healthy.

It's called a peel-off mask, which intrigued me. Most of my masks are just creamy.

So, after finishing my bath the other night, I pulled my hair back and applied this mask over my face.

It has a sticky consistency, and you may need a few globs to cover your desired areas. It is dark brownish black, and it doesn't dry clear or anything. You could have some fun sneaking up on people! It also has a sweet berry scent, so be careful if you have sensitive skin. This product may be too strong for you. :/

(Be careful when applying any type of mask around your eyes and lips; these areas are especially sensitive!)

I left my mask on for about half an hour, though the back of the tube says that only twenty minutes are necessary. I was playing a video game, so... yeah, time flew by.

With the "peel-off" claim, I expected to take an edge of the mask and just pull it off. Oh, no--I had to take a damp cloth and rub the mask off. It turned my little towel black, but that washed off in the washing machine.

My skin did feel softer and smoother after this mask; I just wish that it were actually a peel-off mask.

Should You Try It: If you cannot tolerate fragrances, dislike stickiness, or have sensitive skin, I would avoid this mask. If you like trying new facial products and like masks, have at it! The results are pretty nice.

What: True Blue Spa Blackberry Purifying Peel-Off Face Mask

MSRP: I paid about $5 for it on clearance, and it seems B&BW carries it only during the semi-annual sales. You can find a smaller version on Amazon for $10.00 if you are interested. 

Pros: Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother, stays put on face

Cons: Sticky, doesn't peel off well, rare

Have you tried this mask yet? What about other products from True Blue Spa or other brands' face masks? Let me know!

Pretty Panda's Ponderings
  • My sisters and I will be at MechaCon in New Orleans on Saturday, August 24th! See you there! ^_^
  • I love chicken salad sandwiches.
  • I got to see a job site for work yesterday--pretty neat! I liked getting out of the office for a bit.

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