Monday, June 3, 2013

6.3.13: Tarte Sale

Another sale slipped under my radar this afternoon: Tarte!

I haven't tried any products from Tarte yet, so I checked out the site for information (I was looking at Emily Eddington's blog, Beauty Broadcast).

I recently reached my spending quota for the month, though, so I can't promise that I'll purchase anything. :(

Just wanted to share the joy of savings and makeup! <3


  1. Tarte has wonderful Amazonian clay blush! Since I'm a ghost, I can't use too much, but I usually go with Dollface, which is a light, delicate pink shade. It's perfect for subtle tone if you go light on it, or Snow White cheeks with a bit more added. I'll have to let you try it the next time I see you, if mingling cheeks doesn't bother you (I know I always avoid sharing eye and lip products - work has made me paranoid).

    1. I have heard so many rave reviews on the Amazonian clay products! I need a better blush than what I have now (I bought my mom the Instain blush in Mauve from The Balm, and it's beautiful and long-lasting--I tried it once and may invest in it myself). I have no issues sharing products, so thank you! I always make sure to have clean brushes for people I do makeup on, and I wash them after each use with warm water and Cetaphil at the sink. :)