Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Current Makeup Storage

Hi, everyone! I spent the early afternoon swimming and playing with Katsuke. It looks as though it may rain, so I'm glad I jumped in when I did.

Today I am going to share my current makeup storage. I bought this Caboodle's "It" bag set at Walmart after watching Beauty Broadcast's video review on Caboodle's storage options. 

I had to add some extra makeup bags to this set, and you'll see why!

Let's rewind to my former makeup storage system: this hanging travel bag that I LOVED. A family friend had given my sisters and me each one with our initials for Christmas a few years ago.

This bag was invaluable while I lived in Japan, but its zippers couldn't handle my massive amount of cosmetics. :( I had to bid it adieu. *sniff*

For extra storage, I have this desk organizer from Walmart. I saw my cousins' organization when we went to visit them in Florida, and I really liked this idea.

I still use it to store my hand creams, lip salves and nighttime balms, and little tchotkes.

Let's dissect that Caboodle's set!

Empty biggest bag. I store all of the smaller bags inside.

Second-biggest train case bag. It folds well and is roomy enough for all of these palettes! My huge Mary Kay compact fits in it just fine.

Travel-perfect case. I use it to store my round cosmetics and little items. My brushes are too long for the brush storage. :/

Clear plastic makeup bag. I store my lipsticks and an eos lip balm in here.

A pencil case that is perfect for my liners and mascaras. I also store my tweezers  and pencil sharpener in here.

This slim case came with some brushes, but I removed them and stored my eyelid primers.

I had too much makeup to store everything in just the Caboodle's set, so I brought in reinforcements. Nothing gets left behind!

Here's a Clinique makeup bag that holds my face makeup.

This little apple bag came with the apple-pattern makeup bag, and I store my concealers in here.

My May Ipsy bag stores my lip glosses.

My Mary Kay brush set came with five professional brushes (out because they're drying after their weekly deep cleaning). I store my brushes in here (duh!).

My EcoTools brushes fit nicely inside my Mary Kay brush holder, too.

Our Mary Kay consultant is a family friend, and she had prepared our gifts one Christmas inside these precious travel bins that tie up on all four corners. Untie them to make a flat piece that you can bring with you on trips. I place my makeup in here and swap it out depending on what I want to wear. I apply my makeup in the bathroom, so this system is so convenient. Grab and go!

I really like my current makeup storage system, but I can see myself needing some drawers as time passes. One of the two zippers on the huge plastic Caboodle's bag did break because of the amount of products I had forced inside it, but that was my fault. The one good zipper is going strong!

How do you store your makeup? Let me know in the comments!

Pretty Panda's Ponderings
  • Katsuke plays fetch with us just like a dog would.
  • I cannot wait to go to Mechacon in August!
  • I commissioned an independent seamstress to make a Kitana costume for me (it's completely modest--I know what you were thinking!).

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